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GMB SNAP Overview

Step 1- Add Accounts to GMB Snap

Step 2- Add Maps Project

Step 3- Add Sites Project

Step 4- Add GridProject

Step 5- GMB Snap Troubleshooting

    Warning: Please watch this video it is important step!

    Videos module

    Leads Module

Step 6- Contact Support

IMPORTANT: To ensure help you get a faster answer to your question, please follow these steps:

1. Before you get started or submit any support request please watch ALL videos by clicking Help button in GMB Snap Software.

Videos will give you answers to most of questions you can have and give you understanding of theory, without understanding of theory you can't get started.

2. Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue, this will only delay our response.

3. We aim to get back to all requests within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker) during our working hours of 9am-6pm GMT Monday through Friday. Outside of these hours,

please expect a reply on our next working day.

4. In case you have any questions please go to the support system

Click Here to Submit Support Ticket




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